November 10, 2019

Yikes, here is the real land of wu-wu; is energy healing right for me?  Am I fit to be an energy healer? Do I want to be an energy healer? Can I make a living as an energy healer?  

I would never discourage anyone from following their dreams, nor would I ever want...

March 21, 2018

"What is craniosacral therapy?" I'll be asked in a number of different social settings.  Before having the opportunity to answer, oftentimes somebody jumps in  with "It's Reiki!" and it's never a medical professional or a bodyworker answering.  

I"m reminded o...

March 5, 2018


       Unlike those of traditional modern medicine, I don’t know what inspired most of my colleagues to seek out a new age spiritual path to becoming a healer of one sort or another, but new ideas improve the quality of our work.   Some practitioners start...

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July 31, 2019

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