Distance Healings

Distance Healings are a great option for clients who for some reason or another can't or prefer not to travel to a clinic.  It allows clients to receive support in the comfort and safety of wherever they feel most secure.  Many clients find that this allows their system to open up much more and take in the session as the setting of a clinic might be triggering or unfamiliar, therefore impinging on their ability to relax.  Other clients simply find that it's more convenient and saves time.

Distance Healings are particularly supportive for psychological blocks and trauma patterns which manifest in the forms of anxiety, depression, a tendency to disassociate , mood swings, and other things of that nature.  However, it's also supportive of pain management, blood circulation, joint issues, auto-immune issues, headaches, and most of the things that Craniosacral therapy supports as the practitioner helps the client explore the nervous system and find places of resource and blockages.

What happens during a distance healing?

With the phone on speaker or using FaceTime (whichever the client prefers), I lead the client through some meditations and help them explore the nervous system in order work through the blockages that are causing pain, discomfort, or stress.  I connect to the client's system through what is known as "the bio-field," just as I would were the client next to me on a massage table. The session generally lasts about 70 minutes long.

People tend to feel very relaxed and in a meditative state during this work and find that it helps them settle into their nervous system while equipping it to address the problematic areas of their body. 

What is the bio-field? 

This is something that has been explored for years in both the realms of science and New Age explorations.  It seems to fall under the category of quantum physics by exploring the idea that all particles through out the universe can connect regardless of the space between them. These concepts were developed by physicist Max Plank and later debated between Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr for decades.  

Everyone has their own bio-field, an energetic cloud if you will, that surrounds them that has a relationship with their physical and mental health. People enter the field with one-another regardless of distance when particles within them between the two of them begin to interact with one another.  The study of bioenergetics has been ongoing and continues to examine this phenomenon.  

Some might even argue that this is what's happening when one calls a loved one and hears "I was just thinking about you," a dream turns out to be a premonition, you "randomly" meet an individual somewhere who changes the course of your life just when you needed it, or perhaps somebody manifests their dreams or fears because of this person's way of thinking.  Whether one believes that these things are coincidence or manifestations, they occur regardless. 


Body workers, especially energy healers and craniosacral therapists, train in connecting to the field so that they can meet their clients in this place and better serve them.


What assurance do I have that I will actually benefit from this?

Just like any modality of alternative or modern allopathic medicine a guarantee would be irresponsible and unethical.  The only difference here is that the concept of receiving healing from a person who's not physically with you is a bit more difficult for many people to accept.  It is for this reason that I ask for a donation for the first session rather than a set price because I want my clients to feel confident of the service they're receiving and feel less inhibited about trying it due to cost.  Future sessions will be a sliding scale of $50-80 per session.