NOTE: Unfortunately I no longer reside in the SF Bay Area and I can only offer my clients Guided Neural Rebalancing sessions which are done remotely.  I apologize for the inconvenience as I really do miss my practice over there.  I appreciate your patience and I'm still happy to answer any questions about craniosacral therapy regardless of whether or not you wish to book a session.  Please click below if you'd like to learn more about Guided Neural Rebalancing sessions. 



Stay safe and healthy and I look forward to assisting all on their journeys to health and well-being.  


Jonas Blume and Japan Craniosacral 

(Formerly East Bay Craniosacral)

   Hello There

         The human body has so much more potential than many of us give it credit for.  Often we forget to trust our bodies and many of us even view parts of our bodies with anger or impatience when we feel limited, rather than appreciating what's actually functioning well.  


       Our system has the resources to get it back to a greater degree of health than previously thought possible, but it's also possible to be unaware of the blockages or stagnant areas that keep it from its ideal state of health.  Once you become conscious and aware of these places, your body can address these problems more directly and create shifts from the patterns that keep you limited.  More simply put:  Because the human body has the blueprint and memory of health, it is possible to push the reset button and reintroduce it to its original format.  Your body can be reprogrammed towards health.  

       Feeling and observing the physical awareness of the mind and body as one supports clarity, increases ease, and has a profound effect upon both mental and physical health.  It is our mission to support you on this journey to wellness.