The first session is 90 minutes. We'll take some time to get some background information before we move to the massage table and we may do some exercises so that we can become more familiar with how each client's system operates. 


      For the duration of the session, the client lies down fully clothed on a massage table, typically on her/his back (unless there are injuries preventing this).  The practitioner places her/his hands in a series of holds applying no more than five grams of pressure to the body while helping to guide the client through any sensations that might arise.


      While the experience varies for each individual, it's common to feel movement inside the body, tingling, extreme warmth or cold, and to enter a dreamlike state.  Other sensations that might occur are being floaty or weighed down, some pain followed by immediate relief, and a wide variety of emotions.  A client might also be drowsy or energized, depending on what his/her body is dealing with at the time of the session.


     What is important to understand is that every session is a different experience because each client is working with a different set of issues.   It is for this reason that rather than creating a standard protocol, each session is tailored to fit the needs of the individual client.  The client's nervous system acts as a road map for the practitioner.  Furthermore consecutive sessions for the same individual often feel different each time because some things may have shifted since the previous one.  



  What to Expect During a Session