About Me

Jonas L. Blume


My Background


      I have a practitioner certification from the Luminous Awareness Institute, a 500 hour course on energy medicine and I am a certified biodynamic craniosacral therapist from Body Intelligence, a 700 hour course.  In addition to these certificates I have taken multiple workshops with other teachers of craniosacral therapy, energy healing, and studied Reiki.


      I had the privilegeof working alongside some amazing chiropractors, acupuncturists, and massage therapists in the San Francisco Bay Area from 2015-2020 and a had a a private practice set up in Oakland, CA.  I also taught for Body Intelligence  for several years, holding space and giving guidance to students yearning to learn this work.  I currently practice in Japan in Yamanashi and Tokyo and do house call all over those areas.

       What is also fundamental to my ability to do this work are the several years I spent in South East Asia studying meditation.  By leading my clients on some of these meditations, I can help to serve them and give them resources to take home.  



How Did I Get Here?



     Oftentimes the people who enter professions focused on healing work were once in need of healing themselves, I'm no exception.  I was one of many children in the 1990's prescribed pharmaceuticals for erratic behavior rather than being given a larger array of lifestyle choices and alternative medical options.  This caused me a great amount of stress in my early years as something inherently felt like it was moving against the laws of nature and the natural flow of the world.  I eventually developed ulcerative colitis as a young adult and my life began to feel limited. 


       Although I had sworn off the pills prescribed to me during adolescence, I was now taking 9-12 anti-inflammatory tablets a day and by my mid-20's and had already spent roughly half of my life medicated daily.  Had the medications really been helping my body heal, I might have had a sentiment other than frustration or self-limitation, but that was not the case.


     Feeling somewhat powerless to a way of living that greatly diminished my quality of life, I sought out multiple alternative therapies to rectify this problem and had very limited success.  Because I had been conditioned to rely on mood altering medications since childhood, I didn't feel like I could regulate my nervous system and life felt like a struggle.  Needless to say, the stress made my colitis that much worse.  


    I was at my wit's end with my health deteriorating until I tried energy medicine and craniosacral therapy while living in South East Asia.  I was blown away by how little I was in tune with my own body.

      This helped me find the mind-body connection and showed me just how badly my inability to handle stress, fear, anger, and confusion had physically harmed me.   There was a new sense of clarity and health, as though the clouds had been cleared away.  I realized the full potential for healing had not been experienced in the general population and that I wanted the privilege of assisting anyone who desired to take that journey.