Rates and Location

East Bay Craniosacral/

Office of Sally S. Savitz  

158 Santa Clara Ave. #A (Bottom Floor)

Oakland, CA 94610

(Parking available to the left of the building)


Mondays 12:00pm-6pm

Tuesdays 12pm-6pm

Wednesdays 12pm-6pm

Thursdays 12pm-6pm

Saturdays   10:00-3:00pm

(Days and hours can vary from week to week so be sure to check the scheduling link) 

Distance Healings

Sessions are generally 70 minutes long, but on request, longer 

sessions can be provided. These are done via FaceTime or 

speaker phone at the client's preference.

House calls

I bring a massage table to the client's home and we do the session there.



In the Studio

First Session is $127 (90 minutes)

Following Sessions are

$103  for 60 minutes

$127  for 75 minutes

$153  for 90 minutes 

House Calls 

$200 for a session anywhere within a 30 mile radius.

This is for an hour session.  For longer sessions and further

distances, the rate will have to be discussed.  

Distance Healings

First session is on a donation basis and following sessions

are priced at a $50-80 sliding scale.  Sessions are generally 

about 70 minutes.  For longer sessions, rate can be discussed. 


* Less expensive options are available as it's important to me that anyone in need gets sessions. Contact me for more information.