Rates and Location

Note: Due to Covid 19 I currently can only see in person clients at my home studio in Yamanashi at Nirasaki, Japan or through house calls   Once Covid restrictions have been lifted in Tokyo, I will be able to see clients there again.  Specific location disclosed at time of booking. 




6000  yen for 60 minutes

7500  yen for 75 minutes

9000  yen for 90 minutes 


13,700 yen for the first session

11,500 yen for an hour session

13,700 yen for 75 minutes 

15,300 yen for 90 minutes 

House Calls 

10,000 yen for a session anywhere within a 45 kilometer radius of Nirasaki, Yamanashi.

20,000 yen for a session in Tokyo.

This is for an hour session.  For longer sessions and further

distances, the rate will have to be discussed.  

Distance Sessions

First session is on a donation basis and following sessions

are priced at a $40-80 sliding scale.  Sessions are generally 

about 70 minutes.  For longer sessions, rate can be discussed.