Rates and Location



Shimojominamiwari 1205-03

Tatsuokamachi, Nirasaki 

Yamanashi 407-0033


6000  yen for 60 minutes

7500  yen for 75 minutes

9000  yen for 90 minutes 



Tokyo Therapy and Wellness Center 

Maison Okada 4F,

3 Chome-5-13 Jingumae,

Shibuya City, Tokyo 150-0001

13,700 yen for the first session

11,500 yen for an hour session

13,700 yen for 75 minutes 

15,300 yen for 90 minutes 

House Calls 

10,000 yen for a session anywhere within a 45 kilometer radius of Nirasaki, Yamanashi.

20,000 yen for a session in Tokyo.

This is for an hour session.  For longer sessions and further

distances, the rate will have to be discussed.  

Guided Nervous System Rebalancing

First session is on a donation basis and following sessions

are priced at a $40-80 sliding scale.  Sessions are generally 

about 70 minutes.  For longer sessions, rate can be discussed.