Being A Bodyworker During A Pandemic

It’s 2020 and I’ve just watched my private practice blocked off by a thick, impenetrable, and transparent wall from which I can see current and potential clients reaching out to me. But, sadly, I can no longer guarantee them the safety, security, and peace of mind that I could prior to March 11th, the day California went on lockdown for Covid-19. If there was ever a time that I pondered whether or not my service was considered “essential,” that became crystal clear once the pandemic hit. The funny thing is that I work in healthcare. I’m a craniosacral therapist, which is a career that has more potential to spread corona than survive in a withering economy. For those of you unfamiliar wit

Society Living with Corona is Like an Individual Living with an Autoimmune Disorder.

For anyone unfamiliar with autoimmune disorders or chronic conditions, let me break it down for you. An autoimmune disorder occurs when leucocytes (the white blood cells responsible for initiating an attack to clean up a foreign invader to the body) become confused and begin initiating attacks on the the body itself when there is no actual foreign invader. The body's defense system occurs in the form of inflammation, which is why a fever often accompanies an infection: the body is trying to kill it off with heat. However, in the case of autoimmune disorders, there is no foreign invader and the body begins causing inflammation in places that would be otherwise perfectly healthy. As somebod

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