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EMF Sensitivity: Is it Real and True?

I have recently started seeing more clients with EMF (electro magnetic field) sensitivity. I didn't realize just how common it was until I started doing some research. Not only is it common, but it seems to be growing. For those of you unfamiliar with EMF sensitivity, it means being allergic to electricity. Symptoms such as headaches, impaired vision or smell, trouble with sleeping, fatigue, dizziness, burning sensations, tingling on skin, and nausea or digestive issues in the presence of electro magnetic fields. These are the most common ones and in some people, it gets so bad, that they have to shutdown all of the electricity in their homes and have trouble going out in urban areas. Wifi areas are simply a nightmare for theses people.

I discussed it with a colleague/friend of mine who resides in Silicon Valley in hopes that we could discover more by exchanging our ideas about it. His take was that it's a health issue that might be getting blown out of proportion, the same way in which many people who avoid certain food simply because they heard about the harm, but never had an actual allergic reaction to it. His feeling was that although the issue feels very real for them and while being exposed to EMF's is not ideally healthy, some people might be acting tantamount to a hypochondriac.

As a healer, I have a responsibility to honor what is real for my clients while serving them by creating the space to explore the truth in it as well. While I believe that it's common for people to confuse what's real, and what's true, I've experienced from feeling into the nervous systems of some of my clients, that there is something seriously off in their neural pathways and that EMF sensitivity seems in alignment from what I find and as well as the symptoms they describe. So why is this happening?

Let's entertain the possibility that not only are we pushing the limit of technology's capabilities, we are also testing our tolerance to it. Over five years ago, the World Health Organization deemed that cell-phones have the potential to cause cancer, and yet I'm hard pressed to think of a single person in middle age or younger who doesn't own one. It was only 15 years ago that wifi become common in most households, and think about how much electricity it takes now to power these businesses and startups lined with computers armed with the highest speed internet available. Modern society has accepted this as the cultural norm so I suppose we all must follow suite....but might we be getting ahead of ourselves?

There was a time when we were told it was healthier to drink sweeteners with aspartame rather than eating real sugar, only to find that aspartame has the potential to cause brain cancer, among other health issues. It was believed that antibiotics were a wonder drug for any bacterial issues, only to learn in the late 80's that taking them too often would compromise one's immune system and diminish colonies of vital bacteria in our gut, causing digestive issues down the road. Or how about in the 50's when we thought plastic was the wave of the future and now we have to worry about the effect of BPA's, not to mention that of the environment. In fact, can anyone remember when people who worried about saving the rainforest were ridiculed? And now some of the most educated people (often without a political agenda) acknowledge that global warming and endangered species are a real thing.

In a digital age where we rely on the internet, perhaps the greatest technological achievement we've witnessed influence our society over the last 30 years, it might be wise to step back a moment and hear what some of these people warning us about EMF sensitivity have to say. It could very well be the canary in the coal mine, the very coal mine I type this blog from!

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